Paripal is a single health care platform which is like a big Whatsapp community with its own set of groups. This is also designed to work as a franchisee model where different franchisees may be offering services in different countries with a franchisee fee being paid to the parent organization.

Individuals who can access the system fall into three categories. Non Subscribers, Clients of service providers where the service providers have subscribed to the software platform and individuals who maybe clients of various service providers but also have subscribed to our value added services.

Every Individual will be able to access any kind of health or related service provider for all health care related needs that he/she has. The list of service providers would include doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, organizations providing stress counseling, service providers using alternative practices like Ayurveda / homeopathy, pharmacies, labs, and providers of health support services/products such as attenders at home or metal support frames for patients with fractured limbs etc. Individuals who have subscribed to our value added services will not pay us any fee other than the annual subscription collected in advance whereas clients and non subscribers can access many of the facilities we provide free and some services for a transaction fee.

Service providers (whether they are subscribers to our system or not) will be able to see the health data related to the individual subscriber for value added services from the start of the maintenance of records in the system so that better and more informed decisions can be taken provided the individual gives them the access. The individual will be able to load any amount of past medical history in the system if he/she wishes to do so. If the individual is not a value added service subscriber, the service provider who is a subscriber will only be able to see the records of clients limited to transactions that have occurred between the client and the service provider concerned.

 What does the system do for a service provider who has subscribed?

The system will work for each service provider who is our subscriber like a client portal where the patient can take various actions such as

a) Fix appointments 

b) Consult with doctors etc online if the service provider offers online consulting

c) Obtain urgent clarifications from the doctor who is treating him/her   

d) Request for admission and submit all online forms and make advance payments to a hospital so that administrative processing does not take up crucial time when you are rushing for admission as an inpatient or to emergency OPD     

e) Share his/her medical record with the service provider with any doctor employed by the service provider 

f) Make payments for services

g) Reminders on follow-ups and appointments as well as intimation of any delays/cancellation of appointments. 

h) Other miscellaneous activities like a prescription refill, medical certificate issue etc In addition, the service provider (who is a subscriber) will get analytical reports on patient demographic and other data, maintain his billing details if he chooses to do so, create forums where patients can interact with him, put up notices of events which can be shared with his clients or with all individuals who visit our portal, consolidate data across multiple locations if he operates clinics in more than one location and so on.

 What does the system do for a service provider who has not subscribed?


The service provider can list the organization to be available on search for users of our system or general public

What does the system do for an individual consumer?

From the individual, our system will work like a portal where he can contact any service provider who is part of our ecosystem to do the actions mentioned in points a to g above.

In addition, the individual would be able to

a) Search for nearest service providers based on skills, type of treatment required, reviews  and ratings etc

b) Share his/her medical record in the event of an emergency when he/she is travelling out of the city of residence (only for individual value added service subscribers)

c) Share his/her medical record with doctors from whom he/she wishes to have a second opinion (only for individual value added service subscribers)

d) Notify his family stakeholders in the event of any problem (only for individual value added service subscribers)

e) Float requests for services including home visits which can be answered by service providers and from whom he/she can make the choicef)Create posts and reply to posts and view posts where information can be shared with other subscribers on various different forum categories (only for individual value added service subscribers and clients with clients being only limited to forums created by the service provider to whom they are linked)

g) View events organized by service providers

h) Get offers from companies in the health field which could be in the form of gift vouchers, discounts etc (only for individual value added service subscribers)

i) Track personal habits and physical exercising (only for individual value added service subscribers)

j) Create or respond to blood donation requests

k) Track donation confirmations of his/her organs (only for individual value added service subscribers)

l) Track measurements of his/her health on a regular basis either as feeds from devices that can use Bluetooth /wifi connectivity or as manual inputs or through loading of documents which will be processed and uploaded. It is possible that in the future other third part providers can add value added services to this platform to make use of this data and suggest changes in lifestyle. (only for individual value added service subscribers)

m) Access special interest groups for assistance and support